Bartender - LOCOBA by Platform Beer Co.

AB InBev | Cincinnati, OH

Posted Date 6/09/2021
  • Weekend availability is a must!
  • Operate in a fast-paced brewpub and coffee shop bar serving beer and coffee beverages
  • Efficiently and consistently divide excellent service among a rapid and steady stream of customers.
  • Explain beer on tap and their unique process/ properties to customers.
  • Fill table orders while maintaining bar.
  • Monitor customer behavior and ensure they are not being overserved.
  • Handle problem situations strategically in order maintain positive customer experience.

Rate: $7 / hr before tips -- $15/hr minimum standard tip credit for position

Job Qualifications

  • Weekend availability is a must!
  • Significant experience bartending OR barista experience, preferably within brewpub or coffee shop environment.
  • Solid understanding of brewing methods, beer compositions, and subtleties that distinguish each unique beer, or understanding of coffee based beverages
  • Able to commit to memory and execute a specific drink menu
  • Able to manage a constant flow of orders at a rapid pace without sacrificing service or product quality as well as safety.
  • Excellent communication and customer service skills.

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